About Us

Our company entered the foods industry sector in 1991 through Balkan Region. Since that time, a diversified portfolio of food products has been developed through a regionally proactive and forward thinking participation. Today, ASIAMAK is a technologically advanced, multi product trading enterprise, with market presence in over 20 countries and with a customers based in 4 continents.  

The Asiamak team is a highly successful which has been proven until now. Since 2010, the Group has been strategically focused on starting and managing large scale International projects in Foodstuff and agriculture industries. We take on projects in countries with population of more than 100 Million.   Our team of highly professional managers with diverse functional expertise and decades of hands-on experience provide fast-track project & supply management. Asiamak is committed to provide consumers with balanced assortment of quality groceries at the lowest price. Sourced goods are to meet the following general criteria.   We introduce only top-selling category items with strong market demand. Product quality is downright and stable. Consumer demand for the product is high. Supplier price is acceptable for our Sales Division.

  • Food Services
    Providing the highest level of professionalism for supplying raw products to: mills, factories and traders.
  • Industrial
    We supply high volume bulk ingredients to food manufacturers.
  • Animal Nutrition
    We meet the demands of farmers, poultry and others industry across the Middle East markets.


Bati Mahallesi Ortanca Sokak No: 26/7 Pendik-ISTANBUL TURKEY

Regional Office
Ivo Lola Ribar 92, Gostivar Macedonia


Tel:+90 216 483 75 82
Fax: +90 216 483 75 83
Tel:+389 42 215 620
Tel:+389 42 213 483
Fax: +389 42 217 620

OIL and Petrochemical Trading Division

Sales: ++389 42 21 34 83
Synthetic Rubbers
Styrene-Butadiene Rubber SBR - 1502
- EU Origin
- Russian Origin
- South Korea Origin
- Japan Origin